Interior Design Loveef Leigh Monday, October 31st, 2016 13:30:51 PM.

The architectural plan thought of a home that should supply enough of space for a middle–aged twosome that frequently hosts friends also family, spending much time with they kids also grandchildren.

The education was set in a residential district, in a sealed allotment, built upon–three dissimilar many that, when collected, sums until 1,740m² ( 18,729ft² ). although the lots were unified,the employment by the home was thinking in a manner that single of the lots kept employment, making it potential to be commercialized further on.

The sight that surrounds the education shows an elderly sugar&#8211cane factory, surrounded by original woods also the wonderful Piracicaba River, the primary character in the town. The view was some of the piles when the group started the fertilization of the architectonic completion.

The whole homes land was lifted–up, affording privacy sans the requires of supreme visual barriersalso guaranteeing the overwhelming surrounding sight to the viewer that rises in the social space on the major pavement.

The architects wished to carry into the home all these parks and plenteous nature. In sequence to do this, the fertilization defined the education in two primary rectangular volumes, laying one–on–top of the different in the form of a cross. This processes the construction would afford the landscape sights to every closed area.

In the top volume, three suites also a big TV area, accepted at the intersection point among both volumes. The reduced volume gave the location to a lavatory, house wine bar. an office and laundry area.

At some areas, the reduce volume needed protecting. The completion is given in these–cases utilized green protecting, providing park to the top areas as well.

The top volume projects them beyond the reduce one–on–both edge. In single side, held with by a solid wall, the top rectangle arises over a big living area while, below the more edge, the garage also primary access to the home take location.

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