Ankit Prabhudessai Transforms a Home in Margao: Interior Design

Ankit Prabhudessai Transforms a Home in Margao: Interior Design

Elegantly located on a scrub hammered granite is a little sloped white yellow Frangipani tree which welcomes the visitors also its alcoholic fragrance as well as awesome flowers. I tried to recount the tales about the connection of the indoors to the outdoors, of the build plus nature also that of our classical connection together with the roots of interlayered awesome history also transparent as well as rhythmic legibility via the contemporary interpretation of architecture.

We adore to amuse a lot of person in the home, so the single main court was to modify the composition of the home in such a way that it maintains in mind the tradition. There are ample districts that are placed throughout the home so as to cater to various sizes together with kind of social meeting.

The major draft of the home was to blind the line amongst indoors also outdoors. The areas in the house mix into every other creating a free flowing model that hooks the front lawn to the verdant backyard interlaid plus elements from the Goan — Portuguese history.

We cannot ignore the reality that Goa was ruled by Portuguese for nearly 400 years, the architecture that damaged up from this epoch was expanded by Goans keeping the tropic climate of Goa in idea inspired by the Portuguese architecture background.

Inspired by the draft of Architect Le Corbusier, the regulation of the house is choreographed on framing of sights as well as scenes that alternate among controlled sights of nature together with a wide landscape that make a variety of different atmosphere or experience throughout the home.

The home is never revealed at once. The circulation is designed in such a manner that the areas are gradually unfolded to the guest in an experience also spatial journey throughout the home. A lotus pond acting as a reflection pool welcomes the guest towards the balçao ( a traditional name for entrance porch ).

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Dos G Arquitectos Renovate a 30-Year-Old Apartment in Panama City Part 1: Bathroom

Dos G Arquitectos Renovate a 30-Year-Old Apartment in Panama City Part 1: Bathroom

The idea for the renovation of rooms was to update the floor plan of a 30—years–old apartment in Punta Paitilla (Panama City) with an old allocation in order to adapt it to the demands of contemporary life. For the present owner that likes cooking, wants his privacy. Has no require of utilizing air conditioning because favors cross ventilation, likes the ”sweet doing nothing” of sitting also viewing a sunset.

The most significant component was to contain the views/sky with the outside as a part of interior design. We made prompt demolitions in order to reach this contemporary layout of open spaces that intercommunicate as well as relate to the environment plus landscape.

The residence is the entire 26th floor of the construction, so we were capable to re—design the entire lobby, making a new together with more central entry. From this entrance the holder has another service entry to the apartment’s kitchen also to an independent small house office, service area or space of laundry, with this design we achieved the privacy the owner aspired.

The dining area was modified to reach more defined with single environments, since the original design had repeated plus void areas that did not contribute together with took value to the modern language we desired to provide.

The terrace did not exist since the previous holders had close the original balcony as well as use it as a redundant addition to the living room with dining area.

Due to the new allocation we were able to create a balcony rather than a balcony which provides a roofed space for outdoor dining which is used every day thanks to the tropical weather of Panama. This area is totally surrounded by the stunning sights of the town getting a complete sight from the Baha’i temple in the mountains to the old quarter in the Pacific Ocean.

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